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Dextra Dei MUX tells the story of a world not to dissimilar to reality. People live ordinary hum-drum lives going about their business without any knowledge of the supernatural world that surrounds them. But within this ordinary seeming world, things are not always what they seem. Behind political debate, battle lines are drawn. Behind religious differences, armies align. Behind international dispute, a battle rages. Even down to petty squabbling in the street, powerful forces are trying to influence our lives, our very existance, as part of some greater struggle for control.

Welcome to a world in which you can take a part in the hidden fight. You can play one of the many mortals who are the very thing fought over, either unaware of what is going on around you, or perhaps manipulated by an active member of the fight, let into a few scant secrets to aid the overall campaign.

Or perhaps you prefer to play one of the Celestials taking part in the battle, of either side. It does not matter.. you know your side is right, and there is nothing you will not do to see your side win in the end. The final vistory may be centuries away, and the battle may be a slow one, fought with pawns, but you will play your part to be there at the end reaping the rewards of all your efforts.