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Show entry for 2004-09-03 Friday 03 Sep 2004
Friday 03 Sep 2004
Have been looking for jobs, and found one at my old Uni (Kent), and spotted some nice pics on their website which I felt like sharing.

Walking up the hill to the campus Westgate

Show entry for 2004-09-04 Saturday 04 Sep 2004
Saturday 04 Sep 2004
Regarding yesterday's post. I found a job advert. Not 'found a job' as in I was offered a position or anything.

Show entry for 2004-09-11 Saturday 11 Sep 2004
Saturday 11 Sep 2004
England thrashes Zimbabwe in the first of their ICC champions trophy matches.

Show entry for 2004-09-18 Saturday 18 Sep 2004
Saturday 18 Sep 2004
England beat Sri Lanka today, they were on track to win after Flintoff's century and good solid bowling, but rain stopped play and the result was determined by the Duckworth/Lewis rule. Sri Lanka are technically the second best one-day team in the world, and this victory sets England against Australia (the best one-day team in the world) for a semi-final, which will probably be more interesting than the final.

Show entry for 2004-09-21 Tuesday 21 Sep 2004
Tuesday 21 Sep 2004
An excellent parody of SCO
written in the style of Poe
can be found upon Groklaw
and will have you rolling on the floor

England beat Australia by 6 wickets.

Show entry for 2004-09-26 Sunday 26 Sep 2004
Sunday 26 Sep 2004
And after beating the 2nd best team in the world in the quarter finals, and the best team in the world in the semi finals, England yesterday played the West Indies in the final, a team they had thoroughly thrashed both home and away in test series' - and lost. West Indies won the ICC Challenge. Yay them. But who cares, England beat Australia!!!!!

Show entry for 2004-09-29 Wednesday 29 Sep 2004
Wednesday 29 Sep 2004
Tomorrow is my last day at work, and the day after (Friday) I have a job interview at what seems a very nice place.

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