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Show entry for 2004-08-01 Sunday 01 Aug 2004
Sunday 01 Aug 2004
England were bowled out fairly cheaply in their 2nd innings, but gave themselves an overall healthy lead, and seem set to crush the West Indies.

Which they did by 256 runs.

Show entry for 2004-08-06 Friday 06 Aug 2004
Friday 06 Aug 2004
Met up with a friend for lunch - thanks Rhod.

Show entry for 2004-08-09 Monday 09 Aug 2004
Monday 09 Aug 2004
Saturday and Sunday were hot. Checked the temperature readout yesterday, and I had 32 celcius outside, 30 celcius inside.

Show entry for 2004-08-13 Friday 13 Aug 2004
Friday 13 Aug 2004
Good cricket yesterday, but it stopped early due to bad light, and this morning play is also delayed due to bad weather.. see pic:

Old Trafford - Bad Weather

A far cry from the weather for the lords match.

Show entry for 2004-08-17 Tuesday 17 Aug 2004
Tuesday 17 Aug 2004
Yesterday saw a glorious victory for England over the West Indies, showing remarkable courage and tenacity to claw the match back from a potential boring draw into a stunning win.

Show entry for 2004-08-26 Thursday 26 Aug 2004
Thursday 26 Aug 2004
Up until today, I was expecting my current contract to expire on the 3rd September, not too far away, however my line manager just asked me if I would be interested in staying on for an additional month (yet again), and I have accepted. Which means pending any complications I will be here until the 3rd October.

It is nice to see that so many people are eager for me not to leave that they all conspire to keep me longer (one excited colleague with whom I share an office squealed, 'Can I keep him at home?' when told that they would have me for a bit longer). It is however tremendously difficult to plan ahead when contracts get extended on a monthly basis near to their expiry. Not that this is deliberate on their part.

I suppose I should take some blame also, as I have not yet found another job, and were I to do so I could simply turn down the latest extension and move to something more secure and longterm. Though considering that I have not found anything else yet, I should be quite grateful. Why I am not feeling terribly grateful is probably due to a lack of fear at being unemployed for a time between jobs, with no debts or mortgage to worry about. Perhaps some fear of that kind would add incentive to my job searching.

Show entry for 2004-08-31 Tuesday 31 Aug 2004
Tuesday 31 Aug 2004
Some smart person came up with the idea that last Friday should be a closed-day at my workplace, which combined with a bank holiday yesterday gave a nice 4-day long weekend. I put it to good use by lounging a lot, and visiting friends and taking part in role-playing games. Much fun was had, and I now am back at work, fresh for busy-busy work-work.

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