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Show entry for 2004-10-01 Saturday 01 Oct 2004
Saturday 01 Oct 2004
Went to interview today, Wye is a lovely place. More news asap.

Show entry for 2004-10-04 Monday 04 Oct 2004
Monday 04 Oct 2004
I heard today that I was successful in the interview on Friday, which is a small surprise I suppose. There were about 5 others also being interviewed, and I guess I assumed that my chances would be at the most 1/5. Of course it feels really good to be deemed suitable, though I do feel the implications of accepting will make quite a change in my life. The pay offered is less (in absolute terms) than my last job, and even though it is outside of London, my costs will actually increase as I will have to relocate and no longer be able to live cheaply with family. The requirement to move is probably the largest cause of hesitation, though a pay offer a little higher would have helped me overcome it more easily.

Regardless, I think I have all but decided to accept. I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

Show entry for 2004-10-05 Tuesday 05 Oct 2004
Tuesday 05 Oct 2004
I did accept this morning. And I start next Monday. I will need to make immediate plans, on how I will deal with the next few weeks (communte, crash on sofa's, live in a tree, etc), as well as finding a place to rent for the middle-to-long term.

Show entry for 2004-10-11 Monday 11 Oct 2004
Monday 11 Oct 2004
First day today. Everyone is nice.. and they read this 'blog.. hang on.. they're not just nice, they're all really amazingly wonderful. Lots of information to take in, and some of it seemed to stick.

Show entry for 2004-10-13 Wednesday 13 Oct 2004
Wednesday 13 Oct 2004
Found out stuff about my previous work place, some of it bad news (involving miscarriage), and some of it interesting news (a social is coming up, and I have been invited to attend). In other news, dinner was boring, in stark contrast to yesterday's 'red creamy turkey' as the dish was named (onions, red pepper strips, garlic, turkey breast fillet cut into cubes; sauted, then dried herbs and paprika added; wine added; cooked a little longer; then some double cream added. Served with boiled new potatoes, and some sweetcorn, peas, and diced red pepper).

Show entry for 2004-10-14 Thursday 14 Oct 2004
Thursday 14 Oct 2004
Today, just a beef balti for dinner. Put a small amount of thought into what to have for lunch tomorrow, but wasn't inspired and so just ended up getting some croissants, might have them with some cheese, and/or perhaps buy a coffee .

Show entry for 2004-10-18 Monday 18 Oct 2004
Monday 18 Oct 2004
I started reading Red Robe by Jon Courtenay Grimwood this morning, and wish to share the following cyber-punk atmospheric quote:

Axl shrugged, checked his looks in the glass and then took another glance at his eyes. Nineteen years back they'd been advertised as 'clear and sparkling, like early daybreak peeping through a clear night sky'. And at $4500 a pop on the open market that's what they should have stayed. Right around now they looked more like the sodium headlights of a dumptruck refracted through smog.

Show entry for 2004-10-20 Wednesday 20 Oct 2004
Wednesday 20 Oct 2004
Another quote (same book):

'Well, my mother didn't ask for me to be born either. But the home still wanted me to demand the clinic release details so I could track her down.' Axl shrugged. 'Hi, you remember that walk-in, hobble-out abortion you had ten years ago ... Well, the clinic got hit by Fight-for-Lifers that evening and I was the pile of slop at the bottom of a bucket. Yeah, I'm pleased to meet you too ...'

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