Welcome to Azrael's website :: Introduction

This is my third iteration of my main website, updated 2010 because my previous site was getting very out of date. There is a little bit of information on me available on this page, with further details on the About Me page.

Nighthawks et al

As part of my role-playing I frequently contribute towards RPG wikis. These contributions generally take the form of a first-person write up of stories I have been involved with.

Shadowrun based contributions can be found on the Nighthawks Wiki. Vampire, Exalted, Blue Planet, and Eclipse Phase contributions can be found on Skimble's GameWiki V 2.0.

In addition I regularly contribute to the Kent Adventure Gaming Society 'blog 'Dragon Droppings'.

Social Media/Networking

It is vital for my field of work that I remain current with all forms of technologies that may be suited to use in the learning context; these include social networking and social media.

I can be found on a variety of different places, with various 'blogs. When 'blogging coincided with my interest in programming, I even wrote my own 'blog to teach myself PHP, though once the appeal of that faded I quickly moved on to using a blogspot account.