Friday, October 20, 2006

Mac Pro Mac Pro Mac Pro Mac Pro

I arrived home last night to find a large box waiting for me. I drooled on it a little, and put it to one side of the room. Tonight I unpack it and run my excited hands up and down the cheese-grater.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Contract Extended

My employment got extended again today. Instead of running out in Feb 2007, it now runs out in July 2008.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lovely people

The people at work are lovely (which is exactly the right sort of thing to say in case they ever read this)!

Not only balloons and banners, but home-baked muffins, chocolates, cards, and a scarf.

Way more than I deserve, but I ain't givin' it back!! ;)

Tropical weather and balloons

Baking sweltering heat, almost constant rain, it feels like I'm somewhere tropical. But no, just in the office. It is officially 'cold season' and the antiquated un-thermostated heating has been turned on. Doors and windows open across campus, fans are turned on, jumpers pulled off to sit in t-shirts. Energy efficient? No. Environmentally friendly? No. Any other choice? No, not really.

Got to the office today to find a banner across my door proclaiming 30 years of age. There are more banners in my office and the main office. Balloons cling with sticky-tape to my monitor and window.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What October brings

The first two days of October brought torrential rain, and today I stepped out of the house this morning and felt that the weather had turned significantly colder. Autumn is surely here.

Walking up the road to work this morning, I was amazed at just how many spiderwebs I could see on the hedges and trees. They were all glistening with dew, and I momentarily wished I had a camera. I soon put off this thought, as even if i had a camera, I probably wouldn't be carrying it around, ever eager as I am to reduce weight in my bag.