Ok, welcome to my personal information page.

I am a biology graduate from the University of Kent in Canterbury. I'm not going to tell you how old I am, because that will rapidly go out of date, nor will I tell you my date of birth because I value my privacy.
In my final year at the University my dissertation involved creating a webpage about human chaperonin. That webpage can be viewed here. I hope you find it interesting.

I am also a computer science (MSc) graduate of Birkbeck - Part of the University of London.
I the little spare time that I get I am involved with two Mozilla based projects:
I run a mailing list for Magic players at UKC, to join simply click here:

Some frivolous 'poems' I wrote.

Pictures of me.. due to popular request. And so I can get back at those of my friends that have requested them, here are some of their webpages.

Websites I have made.

I became an uncle during December 2001 and made a gallery of baby pics.

Some of my most favourite websites.

Since 1995 I have been a regular player of MU*s - here are some MU*'s I play/played at. To those that know what a MU* (MUSH/MUX) is.. then little extra explanation is needed.. to those that don't know.. a short description would be: a text based multi-user internet 'game'.

In Easter 2001 I built myself my current computer. As this was my first real (read: decent high spec) computer. Details of some of the components can be found here.

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