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Programming: Effusion - file sharing with bittorrent

Sharing torrents on websites is easy, a user just has to click
on a link, and bittorrent does everythign else for you. If you
download torrents any other way, you need to manually run bittorrent.

This program aims to allow users to share torrent files on irc
in a user friendly way. Click on a link in the client, and it
will download and run bittorrent for you, and present all
download details into one easy to handle screen.

The client aims to have a clever BOT embedded in it which allows
users to search and share files with each other, the files will
be transferred using DCC, and automatically opened with an
embedded bittorrent.


This project is not related to any other project working with BitTorrent.
This project is designed to enhance the LEGAL sharing of files via BitTorrent, eg ISO releases of Linux distributions and other material the users have a legal right to.

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