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Show entry for 2004-06-01 Tuesday 01 Jun 2004
Tuesday 01 Jun 2004
After a few days already in Spain the routine seems to have settled down. Wake up late, eat, and perhaps pop out for a few minutes to suffer the worst heat of the day. Then quickly head back inside and eat. After eating a bit of reading and a siesta, followed by heading out late at night for a walk when itīs cooler.

Of note, is that the ramp to exit the supermarket, has bollards to prevent the passage of supermarket trolleys, and if you have a baby in a pram/pushchair, you have to go to a gate at the side of the ramp, press the buzzer, and speak to someone on the other side who buzzes the door open for you.

Still, all is well, and relaxing, even if I canīt get to the intrnet as often as I would wish.

Show entry for 2004-06-03 Thursday 03 Jun 2004
Thursday 03 Jun 2004
0:16 Took a long walk in the city (Malaga) yesterday.. was terribly hot.. and got a headache, my own fault I suppose. Though I did get to see people around town who had come in on the Queen Mary II. Got onto the internet in the evening from my Uncleīs and got round to weblog just after midnight, hence this showing up as 3rd rather than 2nd.

Show entry for 2004-06-04 Friday 04 Jun 2004
Friday 04 Jun 2004
Yesterday went to Torremolinos for the day, not much to it, just a few streets and a beach, but really nice location. Today, for perhaps only ther second day of my visit, I spent the morning in the house, and not being out in the hottest part of the day meant I enjoyed not having a headache. Though perhaps all wasted as here in the internet cafe someone behind me is smoking and it is giving me a headache.

Show entry for 2004-06-15 Tuesday 15 Jun 2004
Tuesday 15 Jun 2004
You are dorky, technologically savvy, and really
annoying. You did some important technical
thing, but then were gutted unceremoniously
three quarters of the way through the movie.
Take pride in the fact that without you, no one
would've lived.

How fast would you die in a cheesy zombie flick?

Show entry for 2004-06-18 Friday 18 Jun 2004
Friday 18 Jun 2004
I am finally the proud owner of a gmail account. I can now die happy - I have reached the pinacle of life's evolutionary ladder.

Show entry for 2004-06-23 Wednesday 23 Jun 2004
Wednesday 23 Jun 2004
A funny article from the BBC News website about football.

Show entry for 2004-06-24 Thursday 24 Jun 2004
Thursday 24 Jun 2004
I thought my life was complete when I got a gmail account, but I was wrong. I now have gmail invites to offer, and now my life is complete.

Show entry for 2004-06-29 Tuesday 29 Jun 2004
Tuesday 29 Jun 2004
I took a look at apple's WWDC 2004 keynote, and must admit I was blown away by some of the features of Tiger. Ok, spotlight and dashboard are pretty yet unoriginal, but core image and core video, and that awesome demo app they showed off with - WOW.

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