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Show entry for 2004-04-01 Thursday 01 Apr 2004
Thursday 01 Apr 2004
Yay, April Fools day, the day you can't trust any online news.

Show entry for 2004-04-02 Friday 02 Apr 2004
Friday 02 Apr 2004
Ahhh.. Friday rolls around once more. Going to meet up with a friend tomorrow, haven't seen him in a month or so, a colleague from when i worked at the boarding school, we'll be wondering around London visiting our favourite shops, and perhaps have a bite to eat - not terribly exciting, but fun.

Show entry for 2004-04-05 Monday 05 Apr 2004
Monday 05 Apr 2004
Short week today. Monday-thursday, with Friday off. With next Monday off, means two short weeks in a row. Yay.

Show entry for 2004-04-07 Wednesday 07 Apr 2004
Wednesday 07 Apr 2004
I've said it before, but I'll say it again. It's nice to be able to walk through the British Museum on the way to/from lunch. Walked through the great court on the way back from lunch today, only spent 4 minutes in there, but gave me a smile.

Show entry for 2004-04-11 Sunday 11 Apr 2004
Sunday 11 Apr 2004
Hmm easter.. a strange time of year. I enjoy the extra holidays.. and I enjoy the whole concept of being forced to eat chocolate. But I am not a pagan or worshipper of some other insane religeon, and so I don't really get into the whole 'celebrate' for greater purposes thing. I'm not even sure if we're supposed to wish people a 'happy easter' or not. I'm just happy to be home alone, and able to chill out watching dvd's and staying in my pyjamas.

Show entry for 2004-04-20 Tuesday 20 Apr 2004
Tuesday 20 Apr 2004
Had some great news today. A friend of mine was due to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and found out today that she has said yes. This must surely mean a party!! Great!!

Show entry for 2004-04-22 Thursday 22 Apr 2004
Thursday 22 Apr 2004
Music for the day: Hands around my throat - Death in Vegas

Show entry for 2004-04-24 Saturday 24 Apr 2004
Saturday 24 Apr 2004
Aston Villa victory today, winning 2:1 with a man down.

Show entry for 2004-04-25 Sunday 25 Apr 2004
Sunday 25 Apr 2004
Mixed news for Villa in results for other teams. Birmingham City draw (good), and Newcastle win (bad). Leaves Villa 6th in the table.. but still with a good chance of a Champions League spot.

Show entry for 2004-04-27 Tuesday 27 Apr 2004
Tuesday 27 Apr 2004
I applied for a host of jobs last week, as I sometimes do, and I am !happy to report that I have received not a single response. I am not terribly surprised, it seems to be the common thing to do now, not to respond to applicants - I think it is related to the way in which you apply. If you apply by snail-mail, you get a reply, either positive or negative. However if you apply by email, the only indication of a negative result is lack of response. Strange really, when all negative responses could be sent out in a single bulk-BCC email. Either way, I am still without a job lined up for when I leave my current one (July 9th).

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