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Show entry for 2003-12-01 Monday 01 Dec 2003
Monday 01 Dec 2003
The only problem is that due to safemode restrictions, I will still need to manually create the monthly directories (eg: 2003-12), other than that, it all seems to automate happily. To explain, if I make the folders myself, and set them writable, then the php script run as the php user can write files to them. If the folder is made by the php script/user then safemode restricts access for security purposes. This is annoying, but manually creating a folder each month (or 12 at start of a year) is a lot less trouble than the previous system. Every generation becomes a little better. Additionally, as I learn more php functions, I see so much old code that could be made neater.. so maybe next fiddle will be an overhaul of the code.

Actually, I might consider changing the system I use, so instead of using <year>-<month>/<year>-<month>-<day>, I use <year>/<year>-<month>-<day>, this will make each of those directories bigger, but then mean I only have 1 folder to make a year, instead of 12. Of course for neatness I'll have to edit all previous files, but that's a tiny job. Any comments about ways to get around the safemode, or on organisation of file structure, would be welcomed.

Show entry for 2003-12-04 Thursday 04 Dec 2003
Thursday 04 Dec 2003
Well ever since I got the month-rollover system working, I haven't posted a comment. And it's not really due to being that busy at work. More in fact due to there being not much to post about. Back to the Mac front - I seem to be doing all my work on the iMac now, and ignoring the Win2k machine. Though soon I will have to force myself onto the WinXP machine to do more documentation upgrades.

Eeeek.. i should have posted sooner.. because I just realised that my password protection had been deleted in my fiddling the other day. It's back now.. phew.

Show entry for 2003-12-08 Monday 08 Dec 2003
Monday 08 Dec 2003
Visited my nephew this weekend. He's almost 2, and impressed me by correctly reading all the letters of an upside down word on a box in a shop.

Show entry for 2003-12-10 Wednesday 10 Dec 2003
Wednesday 10 Dec 2003
Over the past few days I have been very busy creating some manuals/handouts/instruction sheets, take your pick, on how to use the email client called 'Mail' and Safari on Mac OS X (10.3/panther). That's kept me from 'blogging much at work.

Show entry for 2003-12-15 Monday 15 Dec 2003
Monday 15 Dec 2003
Last Friday was a bit of a departmental social christmas party. I had to leave half way through, but today I find out that my team won the quiz (chocolate prizes) and that I also had a winning raffle ticket - which won me a pack of 6 ladybird styled candles.

Show entry for 2003-12-16 Tuesday 16 Dec 2003
Tuesday 16 Dec 2003
Today I spotted that winamp5 final has been released. I haven't used winamp for ages, and seem to prefer iTunes lately, but there's still a place in my heart for the wonder that is winamp.

Show entry for 2003-12-17 Wednesday 17 Dec 2003
Wednesday 17 Dec 2003
Yesterday at work I did a silly thing. I accidently deleted a folder of my work files. Fortunatly I pressed cancel pretty quickly, and didn't lose more than a handful of files.. and those can be recovered from nightly or weekly backups. I've already put in the request.. and was hoping it would be done today.. but seems I am still waiting.

Show entry for 2003-12-19 Friday 19 Dec 2003
Friday 19 Dec 2003
Today is my last day of work before christmas hols... and spent an hour at the "director's party" .. food was very very nice .. yummy.

Show entry for 2003-12-27 Saturday 27 Dec 2003
Saturday 27 Dec 2003
Not posted for several days.. my excuse for that was spending time with family and friends for christmas. And in a few days time I will be away again as I spend New Year's with friends.

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