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Show entry for 2003-06-26 Thursday 26 Jun 2003
Thursday 26 Jun 2003
I decided today that I should keep a weblog, just because it's such a popular fad online. Rather than go for one of the existing blogging sites, I decided I ought to really design my own, as I prefer designing sites than keeping a diary.

I must admit to a level of frustration today, England are playing a ODI (One Day International) cricket match against Zimbabwe and it isn't being shown anywhere except Sky, which I don't have. I listened to the first half on BBC radio 4 LW over the internet, but it's not the same.. it sounded so exiciting and I am missing it.

I suppose I can't grumble too much, Wimbledon is being televised, and Tim Heman won his 2nd round match 6/4, 6/4, 6/3 - I got to see that at least.

I've noticed most other 'blogs seem to work backwards, that is the most recent entry at the top. This makes sense, but just annoys me. The assumption that I'm going to read it daily is just plain wrong. And so I'd rather read downwards rather than upwards. Anyone wanting to read my blog, and read only the latest entry can use the calendar navigation thingy (top left) to jump to whatever entry they want.

6pm Bad news, England lost to Zimbabwe.. but it's not all over yet, the triangular series has only just begun. And just to show England isn't always losing...

The NatWest Series began with a shock as Grant Flower hit a brilliant 96 not out to give Zimbabwe their first win in 10 one-day matches against England.
BBC Sport news

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Show entry for 2003-06-27 Friday 27 Jun 2003
Friday 27 Jun 2003
Not that you'll be able to notice much difference, but after spending hours yesterday designing this 'blog, I just changed it to use php. That didn't really require too much more effort. Just chopping what I had into sections, and converting them into a template system. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to design some sort of simple 'blog update mechanism.


Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdd1             113G  105G  2.6G  98% /mnt/media
df -h

My 120GB hard drive is almost full.. and most of it is stuff I want to keep. Thank god my DVD burner should be arriving at some point today. Yes,I know size shows as 113G, but that's down to just partitioning and journaling 'stuff' taking up the space I suppose.

18:14 Pioneer DVR-105 dvd-rw burner has arrived, and has been installed. Not yet able to actually get it to burn anything. But working on it.. give me time.
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Show entry for 2003-06-28 Saturday 28 Jun 2003
Saturday 28 Jun 2003
Today there was more cricket, England vs South Africa, part of the triangular series with Zimbabwe. England was pretty much expected to lose to SA today.

England batter South Africa
A dominant batting display from England made light of South Africa's challenging 264-6 for a six-wicket victory in the second match of the NatWest Series.
BBC Sport news

England 5 points, South Africa 1 points
South Africa won the toss and decided to bat
South Africa
264 for 6 (50.0 overs)
265 for 4 (45.5 overs)
England Innings
Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
M E Trescothick not out 114 125 13 0
V S Solanki c J H Kallis b M Ntini 106 108 17 0
R W T Key c M V Boucher b M Ntini 0 1 0 0
A McGrath c M V Boucher b J H Kallis 0 7 0 0
A Flintoff b A J Hall 32 21 3 2
J O Troughton not out 5 14 0 0
Extras 0b 3lb 4w 1nb 8
Total 45.5 overs 265 (for 4 wickets)
BBC Sport news

This is amazing!! Superb displays of batting from Solanki and Trescothick are setting up this series to be quite thrilling. Key was dissapointing, again, but Solanki has really answered his critics. Trescothick was stand-in captain for the injured Vaughan, and takes his personal tally to 2 games as captain : 2 wins.

In other news, I spent today playing Shadowrun and killed Megan Cross - she has been a thorn in our sides for years. Her death was fairly anti-climactic. She'd (unfortunatly for her) fallen unconscious, and I put a few rounds of depleted uranium into her head from an assault rifle. I think she deserved it.. in the past she has tortured members of my team with a cattle prod, and earlier in the session had tried to hire me to murder Stripe, who is a friend of a friend (even though most of the group hate Stripe - yeah.. weird loyalty issues from me there).
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Show entry for 2003-06-29 Sunday 29 Jun 2003
Sunday 29 Jun 2003
South Africa v Zimbabwe today .. and once again I am relegated to listening to it on the radio. The day has also been spent doing some cleaning and shopping, very very VERY boring.

18:40 South Africa just won.

Match 3/9 Played Won Lost Points NRR For Against
South Africa 2 1 1 6 +0.237 536/100 491/95.5
England 2 1 1 6 +0.075 456/95.5 459/98
Zimbabwe 2 1 1 6 -0.334 421/98 463/100

As you can see this puts SA marginally in the lead, although all three teams are on equal points, with 1 win and 1 loss. Kudos to SA for winning after yesterdays default to England, and having to play their next match the very next day.
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Show entry for 2003-06-30 Monday 30 Jun 2003
Monday 30 Jun 2003
Tim Henman won again today, getting himself through to the quarter-finals (Wimbledon).

In a quest to at least see my DVD burner working I installed windows XP. It took hours to fiddle with my hardware, moving hard drives to different IDE channels, just to get my free drive in a place where windows could install on it and allow me to keep my linux install neat and usable. Then it took hours to install windows. I must admit it was sort of pleasing to have a fresh installation of windows again. But hours of it crashing/hanging for different reasons reminded me why I use linux in the first place. After using windows for a while there were all sorts of little things I missed about linux, eg virtual windows, mplayer, even the gaim interface as opposed to windows messenger or yahoo messenger. I'm now back on linux, will only use windows for compiling dvds.
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